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Dark Skies

A night in Shanghai from yet another rooftop. A better view comes from above. via http://500px.com/photo/145555753

Morning In Longji Rice Terrace

beautiful morning view over tian tou zhai village in longji rice terrace in guangxi province of China. Mountains filled with rice fields covered in shroud of morning fog. For Prints: Fine Arts America For more: aaron90311@gmail.com FB Page Website Google Plus Instagram via http://500px.com/photo/145432429

About Tea

Black iron asian style teapot with dry tea roses on black textile napkin over old wooden table. Flat lay. via http://500px.com/photo/144903721

Speed of Light

In Shanghai business is moving at the speed of light. via http://500px.com/photo/144822341

Japanese noodle soup

Japanese bowl of ramen soup with tofu cheese, noodles, bok choi, smimeji seaweed, chili, and lime served with turquoise chopsticks over metal table. Dark rustic style. Top view via http://500px.com/photo/144414719

Shanghai Flow

The story never ends, this city never sleeps. via http://500px.com/photo/163537681

Caucasian couple hugging in airport

Caucasian couple hugging in airport via http://500px.com/photo/156378779

Endless Maze

Impressive view of Hong Kong from Lion Rock after the sunset. You can hear and feel the massive city from above, but when it disappears from a view, it all goes completely quiet... via http://500px.com/photo/153808419

Fishing scoop

Fishing scoop via http://500px.com/photo/151473347

pond slider

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