Wat Trimitr

Wat Trimitr in chinatown or yaowarat area in Bangkok city, Thailand via http://500px.com/photo/233927091


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Macau downtown at Twilight

Macau downtown at Twilight via http://500px.com/photo/135660137


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Hong Kong backstreet

Hong Kong - Mongkok backstreet cityscape via http://500px.com/photo/157547011

Yuanyang sunrise

Sunrise over the endless rows of terraced rice paddies of Yuanyang County, in the south of the Yunnan province of China. via http://500px.com/photo/141776425

溪頭自然教育園區, XITOU

溪頭自然教育園區, 鹿谷鄉, 南投縣 XITOU Nature Education Area, Lugu Township, Nantou County Xitou is located in the Phoenix hill of Lugu village, and is embraced by mountains from three sides. Xitou is part of the experimental forest belonging to the National Taiwan University, and here grows cedars, Chamaecyparis obtuse, red spruces, Phyllostachys edulis, and many other different kinds of trees. XITOU Forest Recreational Area was established in 1970. Here you can visit the unique pure ginkgo forest, the rare plant of redwood, the divine tree 46 meter high and 16 meter broad and with an age approaching 3,000, Youth's Activity Center, birds observing footpath, hotels, restaurants, camping area and so on. _____________________________________________________________ Web: corephoto.wix.com/portraitsoftaiwan Facebook: facebook.com/PortraitsofTaiwan Tumblr: portraitsoftaiwan.tumblr.com/ (編號 # 15047 - 00209) Original post: https://www.facebook.com/PortraitsofTaiwan/photos/pb.781235931928390.-2207520000.1456925690./903455579706424/?type=3&theater 所有圖片© 2015圖像台灣 © 2015 Portraits of Taiwan via http://500px.com/photo/98715283


This place like Mars.Zanda forest,Nagri of Tibet. via http://500px.com/photo/123220361

Rice fields on terraced in sunrise

Rice fields on terraced in sunrise, China via http://500px.com/photo/122664135

Dim sum.

Dim sum steamers at a Chinese restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand via http://500px.com/photo/149948685


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