Good neighbour 好鄰居

Xinyuen is a very small old village located in Anhui ancestral shrine even is as old as in Tang Dynasty. People living in there told me that this village never gone thru' any war. That is why the buildings and houses are very old. I found this place is very peaceful. People are very friendly....not commercialized yet !
興源小古村是位於中國安徽省, 一座古祠早在唐朝留存到現在, 据村民說這兒未受過戰亂, 所以大多房子可以保存, 鄉民很友善, 地方也很安寧, 因為這處暫時未致商業化.....

Photography is only a part of my hobby. Seal stone curving and Chinese calligraphy is my favourite. I like travelling especially to China because the development in China is very fast. If I don't go back more, I don't have a chance to see the old buildings.


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