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I haven´t toke pictures for a long time. I had left my 365 days apart for a wile because I has working so hard this past days. At the begining I was felling do bad because I wasen´t take my 365 but I guess having work and being really ocupate is good. So at last I decided to relax. Today I´m going back to the selfportrait and continue with mi project. I´m excited

I took this picture yesterday of Vanessa. I´m happy with the work and I had a lot of fun. We are going to repit the expecience soon

My name is Pat M and I´m a Spanish Photographer that now is living in L.A. I enjoy every moment of photography and i try to transmit my own world and fellings thru it. I like to take care of every detail and try to do my work as beautifull as posible.
Hope you enjopy it!


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