Yu Yuang gardens

P1290583, originally uploaded by georg.erber.

The picture was taken in the Yu Yuang gardens in Shanghai. It is an expression that women are engaged in photopgraphy like men.Bold I was often scolded by women that photography is dominated by males. However, that seems to change rapidly. With easier technology and cheaper equipment it has attracted a lot of young girls and women.

More or less I am currently acting as a semi-professional photographer. My main occupation is working as a research economist at a think tank in Berlin. However, I am now on an early retirment scheme which gives me more opportunity to focus on photography which I have done before since getting sixteen. I have been in more than fourty countries around the globe and developed a keen interest in photography to document my travels. Flickr offered me the possibility to go public without spending too much trouble on the technical side. I am part of some Internet-virtual gallery projects.
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