Story behind a portrait.

Story behind a portrait., originally uploaded by Yuga..

I was walking around the art district sort of place in Hong Kong city and I happened to visit this antique shop where a shopkeeper lady and a guy talking to each other.
I liked the light and graffiti behind the lady and I asked if I can take a picture of her. She said yes, and tried to pose. I told her not to pose but continue talking to the guy
so that I can capture a natural expression. I was seeing through the lens and she talks and talks and talks... not giving much of a scope to click.
Well, they were discussing about relationships and stuff (I figured as she used a few English words) and I can see the discussion heating up. That guy looked at me a few times and smiled while I kept on waiting.
Finally, she said 'I'm angry now. It's not the time you want to take my picture'.
I was like 'Nah, it's fine... just turn around and pose' (I didn't want to give up after waiting for so long).

She posed to my camera and said, 'I WANT A NICE MAN!!!'.

We laughed out loud and the situation cooled down. :)

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