Chinese Landscape painting

Chinese Landscape painting is the most popular style of painting in the rich artistic legacy of traditional China. Landscape painting was at first less popular than figurative, historical and religious paintings, however during the mid and late Tang Dynasty (618 - 906), it surpassed other styles of expression to become the embodiment of the theoretical and philosophical principals that inspired and propelled Chinese artists to create.


A landscape painting is there for the viewer to enter. He or she can indulge themselves in the unique world the artist chose to depict. One can start at the bottom and follow little trails heading to a temple or a peasant hut, then continue and walk through the mountains and pass by waterfalls and winding rivers. The painting is a sanctuary for the sole and each artist strives to create a new world and a unique 'kind' of nature. Chinese Landscape painting usually includes small human figures that blend harmoniously into the vast world around them. Man and nature interact and complement each other to reach a state of balance and harmony.

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