How to Travel to Tibet

Tibet is a fascinating travel destination full of mystery, spiritual significance and with a unique culture and landscape; but traveling to Tibet may sound daunting. In fact visiting Tibet is not as difficult as you may think. Several travel documents are necessary in order to enter Tibet, this can be arranged for you through a tour company, and in fact it can only be arranged by the tour company as all foreign travelers to Tibet are required to enter Tibet with an authorized tour company. You would need to book your tour to Tibet through a professional Tibet tour company and they can then make the necessary applications for you. You will need a travel permit issued by the Chinese government as well as additional permits depending on what area of Tibet you plan to travel to. At all times during your trip to Tibet you must be accompanied by your tour guide whether you are traveling in a large or small travel group.

Once you have booked your Tibet tour and the tour company has acquired the necessary travel permits you can then leave for your exciting adventure in Tibet. Tours leave from China and you can choose to travel to Tibet by air or by train. The train takes longer but you get to see the beautiful countryside as you travel through rural China. Now the Qinghai-Tibet Railway takes travelers along the world's highest altitude railway route through thousands of miles of pristine countryside. As the journey to Tibet is a long one (47 hours from Beijing, 45 hours from Chengdu, 48 hours from Shanghai, 56 hours from Guangzhou) it is recommended to fly into Tibet and return from Tibet to your city of origin by train. This way you get to enjoy the scenery one-way but your travel time is halved. Also train tickets from Tibet to other cities in China can be guaranteed but train tickets in the other direction are harder to guarantee. Remember that tour operators are forbidden to offer a ticket-only service as you must travel with a tour company when you visit Tibet.

You could take a tour which includes sightseeing in other Chinese cities as well as visiting Tibet. Tours range from a few days to about 20 days when they include major cities in China. The shortest possible tour to Tibet would be a 4 day tour which visits the capital of Tibet, Lhasa and takes you to the major highlights like the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Namtso Lake or Gandan Monastery. However you could choose to take a Tibet tour which travels to Mt. Kailash, Mt. Everest, Eastern Tibet or takes an overland tour of the region.

The choices are endless and the wonders of Tibet are breathtaking, whether you are traveling for 4 days or 20 days you can have the stress taken out of the travel planning and the bureaucratic paper work handled for you by a professional Tibet tour company. Chose the right Tibet tour company and your trip to Tibet will go smoothly from the initial booking to your return.

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