Visiting Xian with a Tour Package

If you're planning a trip to China and have decided to include a visit to the ancient city of Xian to see the terra cotta warriors then your best choice is to travel with a Xian tour package. Of course it is possible to make the journey to Xian independently but you may be surprised to hear that traveling with a Xian tour package is both cheaper and easier.

Terracotta Warrior Statues at Xian, China
(photo: Kevin Poh)

A tour package to Xian will usually include your transport to and from the city, entrance to the various sites, and transport within Xian as you tour from site to site, a professional and knowledgeable tour guide and often the tour package will also include a meal. If you are staying overnight then the package will include your accommodation as well. You can tailor your tour package to suit your tastes and budget. For example you could choose a less expensive hotel to include in your Xian tour package. Opting to travel independently means a lot of time spent on planning and a lot of money spent on all the added extras which we often overlook initially.

For your transport to and from Xian you can take a tour package which includes train travel (from Beijing for example) or air travel. Each form of transport has its advantages, air travel is faster and train travel is more of an experience as well as being slightly cheaper. With a tour package the prices are usually so reasonable that you can indulge in the more comfortable and faster option of air travel.

Once you arrive in Xian the tour guide will look after you and make sure you get to all the most important sites with little hassle. No need to struggle with making transport arrangements in Xian or arguing with a taxi driver in Mandarin! Not only that but on-route to the various sites you will learn a lot about Xian from the tour guide who can point out interesting things along the way which you might otherwise not have noticed. A Xian tour package will include a visit to the city's top attraction, the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses as well as taking you to more of the city's attraction including the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell Tower of Xian and temples. It is doubtful whether you would manage to fit in all these Xian sites if you were negotiating the streets of Xian by yourself.

The same goes for eating lunch in Xian, on a Xian tour package you get to eat in a local restaurant, not a restaurant geared towards tourists. Taking a tour package simply takes the guess work out of achieving a successful trip to Xian. The same goes for your hotel accommodation, the tour package includes only hotels which have been hand-picked and are of a high standard.

There are a wide variety of Xian tour packages to choose from, each including a variety of attractions, different kinds of transport to and from the city, a meal, accommodation and the convenience of being shown the city by a knowledgeable guide.

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