Transportation from Xi’an Airport to Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Detail, Terracotta Warriors

If you have a tourist company to handle your Terracotta Warriors day tour, the tourist vehicle (with or without a private guide) will pick you up at the gate of passenger terminal of Xi’an International Airport and transport you to your destination in Lintong District which locates 30 kilometers east of urban area of Xi’an.

If you plan to visit Terracotta Warriors and Horses on your own, here are some public transport lines for your reference.
Transportation Method One
Taking a taxi in Xi’an Airport to Terracotta Warriors and Horses
Transportation Method Two
Taking an airport limousine in airport to Xi’an City and shift to taxi to Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum
Transportation Method Three
Visitors can firstly head to urban area of Xi’an City by airport limousine, changing to a public bus or taxi to Xi’an Railway Station to catch the special tourist line bus to Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum.

Information of Airport Limousine
Airport Limousine
Origin Point / terminus
Ticket fee /RMB
Service time
Run time
Line 1
Airport/ Xi Shao Men
7:20am/the last flight
About 70 minutes
Line 2
Airport/Gaoxin District, Xi’an
About 70 minutes
Line 3
Airport/Xi’an Railway Station
8:00am/next 0:00am
About 70 minutes
Line 4
Airport/Xi’an Hotel
About 70 minutes
Line 5
Airport/Jianguo Hotel
About 70 minutes
Line 6
Airport/ North Station Xi’an
About 50 minutes
Line 7
Airport/South Bus Station of  Xi’an City
About 90 minutes

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