Intense sunlight finally breaking through a stormy sky along the coast of the North Island. The swell was so wicked that waves were crashing around me, splashing me, pushing me around, and breaking boulders into pieces. So much that the next morning when I walked back out to this beach, it looked entirely different. This is the world's most rapidly changing stretch of coastline and on this evening I saw why that is. I had to constantly retreat back towards the cliff as the tide continued to rise quickly, until finally it was so high I wouldn't be able to make it back if I waited any longer. I had to swim back through chest high water with all of my gear back down the river mouth to get out of this location. With the waves crashing against me, my camera and lens did not survive, but I am really satisfied that I came home with this shot to show for it. Usually Im not one to whine about it, but the compression really isnt helping me on this one. Feel free to visit my website to see this in higher resolution. www.bennettfilm.com via http://500px.com/photo/198559529

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