International Tiger Day 29.07.17

I post this photo in recognition of International Tiger Day July 29, 2017 and the need to save these big cats. I have made my trek to India in a quest to capture a photo of a tiger in the wild. Unfortunately that did not happen. Tigers are literally on the brink of extinction with only about 3,200 of these magnificent big cats living in the wild. In 2015 I was fortunate to visit John Varty's Tiger Canyons in Africa and captured this beautiful white female nuzzle greeting with one of her cubs just after dawn. Tigers have never lived in Africa. Tiger Canyons is the only place with free ranging tigers living wild outside of India and Asia. John Varty (JV) is a South African conservationist and filmmaker who specializes in Big Cats. He created Tiger Canyons in the Karoo of South Africa as an experiment to create a free-ranging, self-sustaining tiger population outside Asia. It is worth your time to read more: His vision is to educate others about tigers, and to be able to return future generations of tigers back to Asia. | Pinterest | Instagram | Tumblr via

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