the law + preparations

(photo: _rogers)

I took the shot on Huaihai Lu, on my way to Fuxing Park the day before the Chinese National Day celebrations. The police were helping some workers finish hanging flags, and dig/fill a hole in the ground... they were very chilled, and smiled at me after I took a picture of the bike. Although the cop did seem to be wondering why the hell I would want to (their bikes are so stripped back and bare that I had to get a photo).

Apart from that, I'd just got back from Xinjiang after 17 hours of travel, and I got a Seagull TLR at the markets - hence the trip to Fuxing Park to try it out (had a date with the Marx & Lenin statue). I was not in a efficacious state of mind. It was an overcast, comfortable day off. I hope that comes through in the picture.

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